Healthy habits for life.

Create, track, and accomplish your goals with simple data reports and actionable advice from our experts

One Platform, Many Conditions

Meports is a personalized platform that supports your interests in wellness, as they evolve.

1 in 3
U.S. adults consider themselves consistently sleep-deprived. 3
of U.S. adults are predicted to be overweight by 2030. 1
of U.S. adults do not meet their physical activity requirements. 2

Goals for Every Condition

Reduce the time between cause and effect so you can clearly learn which changes produce lasting impact.

I want better sleep.

Integrate your Oura Sleep Tracker and take Melatonin before bed for 7 days to see if your sleep restfulness improves.

I want to lose weight.

Integrate your FitBit Scale and start a Ketogenic Diet for 7 days to see if it reduces your weight.

I want to be active.

Integrate your Apple Watch and consume Creatine every morning for 7 days to see if your daily step count increases.

How it Works

1 Integrate Source

Easily integrate various sources to measure your resting heart rate, sleep quality, weight, and more.

2 Create Goal

Create a goal and select what you will be introducing into your lifestyle to reach that goal.

3 Measure Results

Review the data to determine if your change moved the needle towards your goal.


My name is Ethan, and I'm the sole developer of Meports.

I've played with a ton of wearables over the years, and have noticed a trend: I track the data and review it but I don't do anything with it!

Meports was designed to help me take action with my wellness data. It's as simple as choosing a metric, introducing an "experimental variable", consistently applying this variable, and comparing the change. If it works, I tack it into my habits, if it doesn't: NEXT!

Hopefully Meports is useful for you too, and if not shoot me a message, I'm all ears!

I'm a real human don't worry, feel free to connect with me on Linkedin.


Free to use forever. But if you want our experts to set you up for success by helping you construct tangible goals, building feedback loops, fine-tuning them, and motivating you along the way, we charge a small amount.


  • Unlimited Active Goals
  • Unlimited Data Integrations
  • Automatic Text Reminders
  • Change Summary Reports

$5 per month

  • Unlimited Active Goals
  • Unlimited Data Integrations
  • Automatic Text Reminders
  • Change Summary Reports

How Do We Ensure Privacy?

We do not transmit any personal data externally.

We ONLY store what you permit in order to generate meaningful health reports. This data does not leave our servers.

You grant us read-only access to your data.

The ONLY thing we do is correlate certain metrics from your wearables with actions you take, not posting anywhere.

Bank level security and best security practices.

All your data is encrypted with 256-bit encryption at rest and the data exchanged with our servers are encrypted with 256-bit SSL.

We do not share your personal data with anyone.

We do not share your personal data with anyone. We do use the combined anonymized data to learn about wellness to show trends.

Actionable insights about yourself

With over 50,000 treatments and 100's of data points to measure, Meports is the only evidence-based tool for determining which changes work and which don't, so you can live a more fulfilled life.

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