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"The next major explosion is going to be when genetics and computers come together"

- Alvin Toffler (futurist)

Frequently Asked Questions

23andme 23AndMe, Ancestry, Helix, etc. are casual genetics, and miss many variants that are important clinically. Sequencing only 1% of the human genome, they are the entry point, but not the definitive answer. SNP chips are becoming obsolete, while whole genome & exome sequencing becomes much cheaper.
We only offer these casual genetic tool integrations, but we are actively pursuing partnerships with labs that offer "whole" genome sequencing which will support VCF or BAM uploading. Thus, we will soon support VCF & BAM report generation.
Internet privacy should be among everybody's top concerns in this day and age, that's why we've developed a simplified privacy policy that addresses standard data storage concerns. Long story short: we don't store your genome, or any identifying information beyond the report which is automatically deleted (or deleted at your request) within 48 hours. If this is insufficient, you can take precautionary measures by using a privacy client like Tor. My name is Ethan, by the way and I've been pretty active in the healthcare technology community for a couple years.
Generating a report as an individual is completely free and always will be. We make money by offering custom report generation tools to offices, in which they can select specific genes to filter by based on their practice specialty. Users directed to one of these custom report generation page receive the reports their visitors generate.
Meports was inspired by the lack of comprehensive, simplified genetic reporting tools out there. We want to make sure your reports are spelled out in plain, actionable text and we go the extra mile to provide you access and resources to ensure you're well informed for next steps.
We are building several next steps to help you adjust lifestyle habits to bring out the best in your genes. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter below to get notified.