Your Choices,
Your Health.

Meports helps identify areas of improvement to create personalized action plans for you along the way.

Get Started

Everything at a Glance

Make it your homepage or put it on a monitor. Your Meports dashboard will show everything critical to maximizing your day's success.

How many tasks do you have planned for today? How about yesterday?

What philosophy do you subscribe to? Meditate on a quote each day

See a countdown of the amount of time until sunset and sunrise

Connect your RescueTime account for a breakdown of daily productivity

Track Progress

Everybody has goals. Now you can break down your goals into plans; complete with tasks, timelines, and applications used.

Organize goals by timeline and track over time

Break down goals by tasks and due dates

Tag frequently used applications tied to each goal

Reflect and Improve

Pain + Reflection = Progess. Reflect on your daily struggles, successes and gratitude to monitor trends in your life.

Answer a 1-5 scale of how you're feeling to record your reflection

Record justification for your recording

Track historical reflections and sort by value and recording

What did you do a month ago that had a 50/50 score? Let's repeat that

Understand Trends

All your critical metrics are compiled into one central view to observe correlations and potentially causations.

Reflections, Tasks, Productivity % all graphed on a single chart

What days did you peak in productivity? How were you feeling? What'd you do?

Discover trends and adjust lifestyle to repeat