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Why Genetics?


Predict risk for Alzheimers, Diabetes and Breast Cancer

Everybody's familiar with 23AndMe, Ancestry and Helix

Your highest value visitors demand personalization


Be the first to factor genetics into client onboarding

Tap into this popularity without genetics or software experience

Securely use their most critical data point; genetics


Create custom genetic reports for your website visitors

Select which genes are important to your office by keyword

Add the upload link to your website or emails

Follow up with visitors to build relationships

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Convert website visitors and email subscribers to clients by easing their genetic concerns.

Visitors want your advice regarding their report

Your advice is valuable - have them schedule a consult

When visitors schedule an appointment, you earn and they learn

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Extremely user-friendly for both you, the office, and your visitors. Don't change anything.

Simply copy-paste the upload link anywhere

Visitors generate a report with one click

Visitors book an appointment

Their report is directly in your EHR, automatically

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Genetics is the future, help your visitors prevent illness with genetic screening

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